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Cottage Garden Cats

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Alycats Blog


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URGENT! The dogs have it...

Posted on August 2, 2015 at 3:03 PM Comments comments (7)
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Which do you prefer, CATS or DOGS?

You can check it out here:

Sadly cats are losing at the moment... Vote now people! CLOSES Wednesday!

Sunday 26th July 2015

Posted on July 26, 2015 at 4:49 PM Comments comments (7)
Edwina and Dylan decided it was certainly too wet to stay outside today, so snuggled up together as siblings often do.

We have a full house at present so tonights blog maybe a little brief but I will try to mention everyone.

The highlight of the week has been having Max & Rudy staying. They are a pair of four month old kittens who are just non-stop fun, playing with anything and everything they find. You can't help smiling every time you pass their house. 

We have another twelve pairs of cats in at present. All, bar one pair, sharing a house - the exception is Flo the tripod Siamese and Cordelia, the black & white DSH. Cordelia prefers peace and quiet away from Flos constant Siamese chat! We have Jane & Obi, Betty & Little P, Bella & Simba and Cosmic & Hastings, all of whom are regular guests and know how to make the best of their vacation. We also have siblings in the forms of Alfie & Lola, Circe & Merlin, Alfie & Lily, Tansy Tiptail & OJ Simba, Branston & Pickle and our older kittens Elvis & Topsy. These guys are all very settled and relaxed. Last but not least we have a mother and daughter combination in Amber & Olive, again happy in each others company.

Our singles consist of a mixture of some lovely new faces alongside our more regular holiday makers. We try to mix up the boys and the girls as well as keeping cats of a similar age together - it's not easy but makes for a happier holiday experience for all.

For example we have Charlie next to Hazel, then Maggie by Louis, Ashley next to Mindy then Lulubell, who is staying with us for 5 weeks, between Joe & Sticky. Lulubell is a newbie and although a little shy at first is now coming out of her shell and is certainly enjoying her food! 

Posey-Puss is next to Camo, who is next to Boots. Camo and Boots are two of the most laid back cats we have to stay, I could probably put them next to a Bengal Tiger and they'd just shrug and say "Hi Man". We also have mixed in amongst the pairs Avi, Minky, Tizer, Teddy, Bobbie, Leo, Gem, Milly and Charlie.

I think that's everyone, although of course tomorrow it's all change as some holidays are ending as others are just beginning... I'll keep you informed! 

17th July 2015

Posted on July 17, 2015 at 7:40 AM Comments comments (8)
During the last three weeks we have had the added help of two super work experience pupils, namely Bethany and Lauren. They have both been keen and willing and have done a super job here at the cattery. We wish them well in their future careers. 
This week we have Kinks & Scamps welcoming our visitors by the front door, next to Fudge & Megan who are here for the weekend. Mina has settled in well next to Penny who is watching the goings on in the kitchen. Frankie, a new cat of a long term customer is on the other side of the kitchen. Avi has arrived today for her stay along with Bella & Simba. Archie is enjoying his stay next to Mindy and Lola & Alfie have just arrived, lovely lively youngsters.
Tizer, another newbie, has been a joy to look after. Charlie is enjoying his rest from living with a Great Dane and Hastings & Cosmic are fascinated by the doves. Teasle has finished her meds whilst Oliver is taking his well. Ginger Jack is  still here whilst his namesake Ginger JackJack left yesterday. Chillie is at the end of this block, now with the paneling replaced as the wind has come in and the sun is not so bright today.
We have Circe and Merlin holding court in No. 24 by the pond, whilst Monty, Mozart and Hamish & Sasha have made teaching our students about different breeds a very easy job. Bob & Fred are in the family block which has suited them well, the extra space easing any territorial tensions. Willow and Tulip similarly have preferred the extra space. Lucy the Ragdoll has helped me explain different colourings to our students as has Chester the chocolate Burmese and Albus the white DSH who having now been in the shade for a couple of weeks has recovered from his sunburn pre-admittance. Little Merry is off home today whilst Leo & Jenny the tabbys continue their vacation in the shade of the orchard. We have several more cats arriving this afternoon and tomorrow so as per usual we shall all be kept busy, no doubt!
That just leaves me to wish you a happy weekend wherever you may be. 
Just a quick reminder to check out our Facebook page for some funnies...

July 5th 2015

Posted on July 5, 2015 at 3:33 PM Comments comments (15)
What a couple of weeks - the hottest day in July on record, thunder and lightning, drizzle for a day and today a breeze that, although welcome, meant all our hard work sweeping this morning was totally in vain!
I have as usual been hugely spoilt with a select number of prized pets to look after, some real characters both new and old.

When we're this busy it is inevitable that not everyone loves their neighbour but we strive to keep everyone happy and move the cats about until they are content with their accommodation. Monty would be a prime example, coming from a rescue background where he was with a large number of cats he prefers a little distance from his neighbours and so over to 1,2,3 block for him and 'Voila' - one happy relaxed puss-cat seen here licking his lips after yesterdays breakfast...

Another little character is Ginger who just loves watching what's going on around him - as seen here.

Below we have Tom who just wanted his picture taken before Daisy his sister spotted the camera and got involved!

Tilly & Jet have been staying in No. 24 as Tilly gets over protective of the young Jet if their are other cats around. 

Puzzle has also been staying for a few days and has enjoyed his window shelf. He loves a cuddle and is a big softy if not the bravest cat in the world!

In the family block we have Albus in the shade of the apple trees to protect his white ears. Summer is next to him, spending most of her time on her climbing frame. Rusty is spending most of his time on his indoor shelf watching the world go by, whilst the pretty little Bobbie is out and about and enjoying being next to Mori the Siamese, who it has to be said, seems quite smitten by her.

Wilson is enjoying his double accommodation and always up for a fuss and a hug. Jackson & Phoebe, the Maine coons are both well and tails still up! Charlie is also enjoying some extra space until tomorrow when he has a new girlie neighbour coming to stay.

Smudge the diabetic Ragdoll is keeping cool by the front door, next to Tigger who is just loving the warm weather. Rosie, a longhair black puss has settled in well, we hadn't seen her for a while so it's nice to welcome her back. Tansy the tortie is by the kitchen, with Maggie keeping an eye on things on the other side. 

Charlie the ginger is looking really well and is showing another ginger JackJack the ropes. JackJack is a newbie and now that he's found the way out of his carrier is enjoying his double bed and today looked very relaxed indeed!
Little Bella is fine as are Rosie, Sox and Koko the Tonkinese. Another newbie is Cookie - an eight year old Tortie who picked up our routine within a few hours and is being a delight to look after. As good as gold.

Maisie & Molly are here for a short break, whilst Jasper and Dillon are in for longer stays, but both are such a delight to handle, that's my good fortune. 
The siblings Mitten & Willow have also settled in very well and are enjoying their view of the doves. That just leaves a mention for Dylan & Nelson who are both eating well and again have been a pleasure to look after, Snowy the black cat - yes confused me too!

Sunday 21st June

Posted on June 21, 2015 at 5:42 PM Comments comments (11)
Happy Summer Solstice! 

Alfie, Bella and Bella,  Bibsy, Carlo, Cassie, Charlie and Charlie, Coco, Cookie, Envelope, Gina, Ginger, Hamish, Jack, Jessie, Kitty 3, Kizzie, Lunar, Martha, Maybelle, Melody, Merry, Millie, Mini, Mozart, Onslow II, Phoebus, Rusty, Sandy, Sasha, Simba and Tansy are my guests this weekend. 

Twelve of the above are first timers here - but you'd never know! 
I have one family of four, one of three and several pairs. 

Some are older and some still in kittenhood but each and every one have been a pleasure to look after. 

From a breed perspective most are Domestic Short Hairs but we also have a mix of the exotic, namely two Persians, a Bengal, two Exotic Shorthairs, an Egyptian Mau, a pair of Ragdolls and a British Shorthair.

On the colour front we have eight black and white, six tabbies, six reds, five black, two blue points, one blue, one grey & white, one tortie & white, one white and one cream. Quite an eclectic mix!

They are all individuals with their own characters and I've thoroughly enjoyed getting to know them all. Sitting here I can see each one in my minds eye, Envelope laying on her blanket on her shelf sunbathing, Onslow who's a little shy but loves watching the doves from his window. Maybelle always sitting up high like the model she is. Kizzie similarly taking the highest vantage point. Martha now well settled in is next to Ginger, tall and slender and tailless. Kitty who spends most of her time upside down demanding tummy tickles, Cassie the tiny tripod with the biggest set of lungs, young Merry who is always interested in what's going on, Big Bibsy who talks at meal times, I could go on and on but time precludes that - so I'm off to do last checks and then off to bed - another busy week coming up. Enjoy your solstice...

14th June 2015

Posted on June 14, 2015 at 5:08 PM Comments comments (12)
I have allowed time each day this week to write this blog yet somehow the hours in the day and the amount of things to do, do not add up, so apologies to my guests' connections for delaying the information you have been waiting for. If you too are lacking in time I have good news, all my guests are fit, well and relaxed and enjoying their holiday with us.

For those who know us well, you will be aware that our other passion here apart from the puss-cats are our horses and on Friday evening our horse Medburn Cutler won his race at Chepstow so a little delay in writing this blog this weekend could be due to a little celebration on his behalf... 

Meanwhile here at the cattery despite a little rain storm all is well. My guest list and comments follow:

Carlo the Persian arrived yesterday and takes prime position by the front door. Thierry is next door and a little put out that his blond girlfriend Tilly has been replaced by a boy, but apart from that seems fine. 

I am delighted to welcome back Muffin the Tortie who left this area but has happily returned. 

We also have a bit of a family reunion going on in the form of Monty who we believe is related to Edwina and Dylan and also Peaches and Pippin who are Edwinas' children. 

Gina & Millie are back for their summer stay and Daisy, Phoebe & Sheba are here for a short stay, all enjoying their pond view and now regulars so totally relaxed. Ricky is keeping an eye on the girlies with the little tripod Cassie on his other side. Cuddles & Spice are still with us (in more ways than one!) while the young Fudge & Megan are keeping the average age down. We only have one Chillie this week, she's next to Duster & Princess who are back for a short break - great to see them again. Malouse and Charlie are watching the doves from their houses and both are fine. 
We have Leo out in No. 24 whilst 1, 2 and 3 have Gingey & Tiggy, regulars next to two newbies, Ginger in the middle and Fifi on the end. Ginger is as his name states but with no tail. He's a lovely cat, very affectionate and chilled out, Fifi is a little lady who is very chatty especially when we arrive with her tuna - another sweetie who loves a cuddle.
We mainly have regulars in the Family Block at present, namely Nelson & Pumpkin, Jessie, Mini and Minky but also Martha who is now happily in our routine and eating well and enjoying the view, as well as Alfie, Maybelle & Coco who feel like regulars although this is their first stay as they have such big personalities and I feel I know them each so well. Coco is the first in for dinner, checking each dish carefully, making sure she has chosen the best option, closely followed by Maybelle whilst the gentleman Alfie waits until his ladies have their meals before he starts his!
Tomorrow brings more change - with some cats going home, whilst new and regulars arrive. Each and every one is special to us and we will continue to give them the best possible time whilst their loved ones are away. Goodnight to you all. Alyx

Sunday 31st May 2015

Posted on May 31, 2015 at 7:53 AM Comments comments (10)
Here goes another post using my keyboard that has a sticky P after Dylan decided to use my computer as his new bed... and it's no good hiding behind your sister = I know it was you due to the hair you left behind!

This week has been a busy one, with over 70 cats staying with us over the bank holiday and half term. We have seen many new faces as well as our regulars. 
Today we have a fine selection of 32 cats enjoying our facilities and the following is a quick note on each of them.

Tortie Mother and Daughter AMBER & OLIVE are settled by the main entrance next to the chatty HAMISH with his sister MEG. Meg has asked Hamish to keep quiet a couple of times, she decided a little bop on his nose was the best way to get this message across, I'm not sure it worked but c'est la vie! That's siblings for you...

SOPHIE and MOLLY are now next to each other as opposed to together as they just seemed to prefer that little bit of extra space as discussed on their arrival.

CHILLI is well into her month with us now and is doing fine.

FLORENCE a pretty grey and white lady who is watching the world go by from her shelf.

SMARTIE is well and this visit only took 12 hours before she gave in and ate her specialist food!

BELLA is a young  black & white who has settled in well and is looking through her window at the blustery and somewhat soaked garden this morning.

O.J & MISS TIPPY the Burmese are their usual selves. Whilst CUDDLES & SPICE the ancient torties are defying gravity by climbing onto their outside shelf and enjoying an elevated view of the pond...

DOMINO & PANGO are now old hands at this holidaying lark at the tender age of 8 months - or so it would seem.

AMBER has a new friend this visit called DAISY a younger version of herself it would seem. Daisy was a little shy to start but is now coming out of her shell.

CALICO the red is purring after a morning stroke on his shelf, whilst his neighbour TOBY the red, is enjoying his cosy bed under his heatlamp on this slightly damp day.

OSCAR the Bengal is eating well and taking his meds when persuaded!

SIMBA and TOMMY are at the end of the main block and TOMMY is full of the joys of spring, rolling around on his back and enjoying cuddles. Simba is as per usual a joy to behold.

MORI the Siamese is behaving in the orchard along with BLUE who although getting on in years is on his outside shelf not missing a thing.

SAPPHIRE the Norwegian Forest Cat is making full use of her double sized house, as is OLIVER, an elderly red gentleman. He's another one being gently persuaded that his meds taste lovely really!

ALFIE MOON is fit and well as is the notorious MONTY the Burmese or Chatty-Cat at he is known around here.

Three Newbies are in our family house, namely ALFIE, COCO and MAYBELL. Coco is out and about and busy keeping an eye on all around her, whilst Maybell is on her internal shelf watching through the window and Alfie, typical boy, has his feet up under his heat lamp enjoying a snooze.

That's it for this week... we'll be back soon.

Bank Holiday Monday 25.05.15

Posted on May 25, 2015 at 1:13 PM Comments comments (15)
The forecasters got it wrong again, but in our favour and good weather prevailed.
It has been a while since I had so many new faces staying here at one time.  A dozen newbies this week and I must say it's been great fun getting to know them all.
This weeks update on guests follows:
Alfie & Lily are by the front door. Lily has been mostly outside greeting us whilst Alfie prefers to watch from his internal window before wandering out to say hello. Lily has taken her medicine without any complaints and tonight has had a small treat of fish as a reward - which Alfie looked pretty smug about as he got some too!
Next door we have anther pair of juvenile cats, Hamish & Meg. Black and White DSHs with big characters. They've settled well and are enjoying their As good as it looks for tea. Hamish is sporting a very attractive Black Mustache.
Our next pair is Pickle & Branson (that may be Branston?). They are a very close pair who prefer to enjoy their holiday relaxing together under their heat lamp whilst enjoying our dining experiences.
Next to the kitchen we have an old timer - Rudy the Abyssinian, who is trotting about like a teenager, jumping on and off his shelf (with a little help from a stool) and eating me out of house and home.
On the other side of the kitchen we have Chilli who is with us for the month. She is a regular guest and, although she can be a little fussy at meal times, is eating well and doing fine.
On her left we have Josephine, a fine looking black semi-long hair youngster and her companion Mary. Mary is very gregarious and has been entertaining my girls with all her antics - a real character!
Poppy is next along and is happy and relaxed providing I understand when she's had enough attention. If I miss this cue she knows how to let me know...
I have another lovely natured newbie staying called Bobbie, she's tortie and white and we moved her closer to the kitchen as I decided she didn't deserve to be surrounded by the noisy boys at the end of the line aka Monty and Oscar.
Sky is next door, she took a couple of days to settle in having never stayed away from home before but is now a relaxed and contented resident enjoying the views and her temporary new surroundings .Taking Skys lead her neighbour Bertie, a slightly older black & white gentleman, settled straight in and is an absolute delight. 
Fudge & Toffee the torties are next - always a pleasure. Another newbie after the girls is Tonks a very attractive blue eyed dazzler with a nature to match, a real sweety.
Down at Dove Corner we have a line of well known faces, OJ & Tippy, George & Connor, Muku and then Happy Harry who we hadn't seen for a wee while but is a very welcome return visitor. Luckily for me Harry is the most laid back puss and just watches with an expression of sheer wonder as to why Oscar the Bengal and Monty the Chocolate Burmese chat, chat and chat some more - so much energy for such a relaxing sunny weekend he thinks.
Meanwhile in the orchard we have Liela & Finn who leave us tomorrow after a three week holiday, and Blue who stays a few more days, relaxed as ever. The family block has more trouble in the shape of Jet & Tilly in the chatty department, whilst Peter & Pearl, Ringo & Robbie and Smudge are all old hands at this vacation lark, and all appear to be enjoying their break.
Until next time,,, enjoyx

17th May 2015

Posted on May 17, 2015 at 4:58 PM Comments comments (9)
Time is on fast forward again and the days are whizzing by without a chance to update my blog... so here goes.

All my guests are fit and well and enjoying the warmer weather, with most out sunbathing during the day now. The heat lamps are still cutting in whenever the temperature drops but generally that is now at night.

Walking around the cattery these last few weeks I have noticed a definite trend in cats names and so when I heard on a radio show the presenter asking why certain names have become unpopular for babies I think I know the answer - see if you can spot the link...

Staying at the moment we have :- Three Tillys, two Lucys, two Phoebes, an Oliver, Ashley, Rudy, Jack, Daisy, Poppy, Dylan, Benji, Bertie, Rosie, Molly, Leon, Lulu, Liela, Jackson, Daisy and a Herbie we also have a Sky, a Summer, a Chilli, a Mozart, a Bailey, a Finn, a Moriarty, an India and a Jet. Strangely we only have one Tigger and not a single Tiddles or Puss-Puss.

All are doing well and after a peaceful Sunday the newbies all look a lot more settled and I am starting to work out who prefers which flavours and types of food. It's a challenge I enjoy - finding each cats preferences in when, where and how they like their meals and living arrangements organised. 

Off for evening checks now and an early night as we have another busy week starting with a large turn around tomorrow morning.

Enjoy your week. Aly

25th April 2015

Posted on April 25, 2015 at 6:44 AM Comments comments (10)
As I sit here and write this weeks missive, I can hear the vocal tones of my Siamese guest discussing with my staff his requirements during his stay. Mori is quite sure that we have made a mistake with his breakfast order and that he should have had the full English and not the Continental that his owner ordered on his behalf. Compromise required I think, we'll make it a double Continental and see if that satisfies all concerned... you have no idea how many similar debates we get into with our guests when their knowing owners leave instructions for medication to be given, or flea treatments, grooming or the ultimate holiday insult - a diet! 
With us this week we have a fine selection of feline guests, we have Alfie a sturdy and handsome British Shorthair with a lovely nature who has a huge purr and a kink in the end of his tail. We also have Bluey another handsome boy in the shape of a short haired Persian who also has a fine nature.
We are looking after Bizzy the Burmese, on medication now in his old age but eating well and looking good. 
Sasha and Hamish the Ragdolls are here, making the place look beautiful as per usual. They've settled in well in the main block this visit so I am happy to keep them there. 
I have moved Leon and Lulu outside to a quieter house as this seems to suit them better, Leon can be a little territorial at times.
Winnie the black and white chatterbox arrived this morning but so far she seems content to just watch rather than comment on the preceedings. 
Chillie the Tortie is keeping watch at the door this week, helped by Grey & White Sox who has decided he'd prefer his bed in the middle of his house rather than under his heatlamp! Buffy & Tiggy are checking what's coming out of the kitchen along with Old Timers Gina & Millie - experts on spotting a treat.
Tess arrived this morning and has settled straight in, sitting on her shelf watching Mori's debate with interest.
Young Poppy took 24 hours to settle this visit by is doing fine now, Tigger is not happy that the sun has disappeared, hopefully temporarily, but says he will make do with his heatlamp until such time that it reappears!
Old Charlie is taking his meds well and is looking well, and Fred & Bob have settled in now and are enjoying having a single house each.
Teasle has joined us for a weekend break and we await Rosie and Pennys arrival later today.
May I wish you all a happy weekend.