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Cottage Garden Cats

                  NFDC 5 Star Licensed Boarding Cattery

Alycats Blog


Thursday 14th July

Posted on July 14, 2016 at 5:45 PM
A busy time of year indeed...

The sun is at last shining and all is well at Cottage Garden. We are full of beautiful cats, young and old, new and regular, all colours, breeds and characters. As I have a large number of guests at this busy time of year I will jump straight to the residents update.

Alfie – Dear old Alfie with no teeth left he's learning to eat his mashed food without getting too much stuck on the end of his nose. He's not impressed with having medicine twice a day but wandered out in his run today to soak up some of the suns rays. Quite a sleepy chap these days.

Bella – is out and about on her shelf keeping herself in the know about who's visiting the cattery. She's kept on her diet well and is looking better for the shed pounds.

Bailey & Pepper – Siamese cuddlers. Always up for a cuddle and a stroke and chatty too!

Charley – lovely little persian girly who can talk for England – especially if she thinks there's a chance of an extra meal or treat. A first timer but you wouldn't know it..

Charlie – arrived today for his latest visit – so far so good.

Daisy & Jack – Also arrived today, Jack was out and about straight away – Daisy a little more shy to start as per usual and snuggled into her igloo this evening.

Fluke & Marvin - another new pair to us. One long haired and one short haired black chaps – lovely couple of young cats that have settled in well, both now watching the world go by.

Kenzo & Marley – Both are out and about in their run – always happiest when the food arrives – but love a stroke too.

Leo – our little red head who just loves his fish.

Lilly – I have moved to a quieter house outside by the orchard where she is much more settled on her giant dog bed and loving regular cuddles and attention.

Marvin, Loulou, Hugo & Coco – are still playing hide and seek, except this week I think they've forgotten who was supposed to be hiding as they are all out and about enjoying the better weather.

Melody – the pretty Persain tabby is eating well and watching all from her shelf.

Merry – sweet little Merry is aptly named and as per usual is as good as gold.

Milly – has decided she rather likes her new neighbour, could there be a holiday romance going on?

Mister – yes that's you young man – seems to be enjoying the attention...

Misty – After her long journey from Singapore, she is settling in, although not yet completely over her journey. She is loving attention and discovering English food although Science Plan is definitely universal!

Mori – after arriving in a foul mood which lingered for a fair few days he is now back to the relaxed and happy cat we prefer – note to owner – please do not wind him up before he comes to stay!!! x

Nelson – the handsome black and white Nelly – as good as gold as per usual...

Neptune – Another newby – wonderful slinky black chap – super little cat.

Olaf – What a little star – loves attention and such a character – first timer too.

Oscar – Head butter of the best nature, this little tabby has bundles of character and has settled in well on his first visit. Always up to mischief – in the nicest sense.

Phoebe & Jackson – Our regular Mainecoon visitors – prowling around a family house and keeping an eye on everyone and everything – well Jackson is, Phoebe's just sunbathing!

Poppy – wonderful little black cat, we fell in love on her first stay – lovely to see her back.

Poppy – Tabby British Shorthair who is getting braver by the day. A little shy to start but now outside enjoying her surroundings, now that she's realised we're not all vets!

Sheepdog – our large black and white puss, who I'm sure thinks he's a guard cat!

Smudge – our handsome diabetic ragdoll, off home tomorrow.

Smudge – Tortie girly this time, eating well and mainly spending time watching the pond from her window.

Sticky – hibernating – I'll have a word in the morning and explain it's now summer!

Tabitha & Pickles - are also on their first stay, but both are well although Tabitha is by far the more forthright of the two, waiting for me at meal times ready for a hug, whilst pickles is a little more reserved, enjoying a stroke on her shelf whilst she keeps tabs on the world through her window.

Teddy & Hastings – are getting on fine together, two of the most cuddly cats in the world, a pair of cat shaped teddies really.

Twinks – our long stay Mainecoon is happy and contented and enjoying waching the birds and fish from her well positioned vantage point.

More updates next week!

Enjoy your holidays! x

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Reply Phil Appleby
11:50 AM on July 16, 2016 
Thanks for the update. Good to hear that Neptune is settled in. We're very much looking forward to seeing him again in a week's time!
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