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Proprietor: Miss Alyson Hall

Licenced by NFDC Rated 5 Stars - No: 1046/7

An idyllic rural retreat for your special pets,

why not come and see for yourself?

Viewings welcome.

Helpful tips for successful boarding

and further information

We hope you find some help on this page with tips on how to help your cat settle in to their holiday home along with our latest policies.

Be Strong and Positive

Our cats feed off our emotions, so when we take them to a cattery they don't understand we may be a bit upset because we're going to miss them...

As we usually take them to the vets in their carriers, by the time they reach the cattery and we fuss all around them, they can be quite convinced something terrible is about to happen!

The difference in 'settling in' time between a pet left by a confident relaxed owner compared with a loving but emotional owner can be huge.

REMEMBER your cat is going on a relaxing holiday too, waited on hand and paw. 

Also for your peace of mind, you can check in on Facebook or contact us at anytime for an update on their wellbeing. 

Carriers are for fun...

Have you thought that nearly every time you pop your cat into a cattery you are taking them to the vet? No wonder they don't always think it's a good idea...

Try putting the carrier where you feed your cat or put there bed on top of it so that it can be associated with good things and homely smells. 

For young cats and kittens it's good practice to load them into the carrier before meal times  and carry it to where you are going to feed them. 

Try having one room for playtime and take them to and from that room in their carrier. Soon they'll forget that once a year they go to the vets in it!  

Latest Covid Update

Following our most recent Covid-19 risk assessment the internal cattery will remain closed to visitors, but we have re-opened the cattery grounds and gardens. Full information is given when making a booking.

Covid Deposit Policy

Due to the uncertainty of booking a holiday, you may now pay one deposit of £40 that will be held on your account until you take your holiday, even if the dates change. Deposits are non-refundable but  until further notice they are flexible.

Covid Cancellation Policy

During these unprecedented times we have amended our cancellation policy where your holiday is directly impacted by Government guidelines.

Booking dates can be amended within the 14 day cancellation period. If you do have to cancel, the 50% cancellation fee will be held on account for you for six months. 


We must have seen proof of kitten or annual vaccinations prior to boarding. These can be in the form of an email, photocopy or the actual card.

Worming & Flea Treatments

We ask that your cats receive a wormer and flea treatment prior to their holiday. 

Cancellation Policy

Our standard cancellation policy requires 14 days notice of cancellation or the payment of 50% of the boarding fees. However we will try to re-book your dates and will reduce the cancellation fee accordingly. Please note our Covid related cancellation policy is shown above.